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"Forró Aachen Festival" and "Forró com Coração" will donate for the second time collected funds  during the festival  for the children cardiology station of the hospital for children "Santa Casa BH" in Belo Horizonte  in Brazil!!!



Lets shareour passion and happines by Forró with kids, who has not own family, who need our help!!!



All participants of Forró Aachen Festival 2018 get 10% SALE FOR TICKETS for Forró com Coração 2019! 


Forró com Coração



Usualy we get to know about hard diseases from the media or cases of other people and never believe, that it can happens to someone near to us ..or us ourself...Now I know, it can happens to anyone of us... Few days ago I lost my dad, because of cancer...It was sooo fast and hurt, you can’t be prepared to this - never. Thanks Gott my dad had luck to live long life before... 
The Kids with Heart Diseases have to fight to survive at the beginning of their life!!! And it’s so unfair!!!
Now I am even more sure, that decision to help this Kids to get healthy and live long life with Forró com Coração is the right and very important Choice in my live!
Exactly Choice, because nobody can be forced to Charity, Charity is the Choice of your heart in your life. 
And I am so thankful to all that incredible people, Organisators of Forró Festivals, Musicians, DJs, Video Makers, Photographs, Forró Teachers, Helpers of Forró Aachen and of course All Participants, who already did this Choice with us and told “ yes we will help” You are amazing! Thanks from all my ❤️! 



Forró com Coração Team



Finde bei Spotify jetzt auch die Forró Aachen Playlist und viel Spaß beim Hören & Tanzen!

Forró Aachen - Xote

Forró Aachen - Baião


Forró, Samba de Gafieira
& Zouk Tanzabend
(alle Angabe ohne Gewähr) 




Forró-Party im Humbold Haus

RWTH Aachen

Pontstr. 41, 52066 Aachen

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Ab 18:00 Uhr

Forró na Fonte 

Eintritt frei! 

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Forró Tanznacht bei Sorriso 

Aachener Strasse 130, 50674 Köln

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Forró & Zouk

Salierring 33, 50677 Köln

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Forró Chama que vem

Forró Party in Düsseldorf

Rio Arriba

Alstadt, 40213 Düsseldorf
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Forró Party im
Game food & fun Bochum
Willy-Brandt-Platz 10, 44787 Bochum, Germany

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Gibt es noch mehr Aktion in der Umgebung, von der wir nichts davon wissen? Dann lass uns bitte erfahren. Schicke uns bitte Deine Forró Tanz-Termine in NRW.
Wir machen gerne Werbung kostenlos für Deine Forró-Party.






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Forró Festival:

Forró Festival Aachen 2023:

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