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Junio | Aachen

Junio Reis de Souza was born in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerias), Brazil. He started forró dancing by the influence of school friends about thirteen years ago in Brazil.
 In the year 1999, he started learning dança de salão (Brazilian-style ballroom dance: forró, samba de gafieira, tango, bolero, soltinho and cha-cha-cha) int the professional dance school Academia Dançarte in Belo Horizonte. During this time at Academia Dançarte Junio has also attended different classes with well renowned Brazilian dancers like Jaime Arôxa, Jomar Mesquita and Carlinhos de Jesus.
During the past 9 years he is beeing working to expand the Brazilian dance forró giving classes in Germany (Aachen, Köln, Bonn, Stuttgart, Rostock and Düsseldorf) and other european countries like Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia and Poland.
In 2005 Junio founded  the Forró Aachen association and organizes since 2008 even year the Forró Aachen dancing Festival. He is very glad today wachting a great amount of people dancing forró outside Brazil.

Foto: Mariam Samernejad 



Camila | Lisbon

Camila was born in Portugal and has always had a great passion for
dance. She started dancing at 14 years old when she came across the
Argentine Tango, which she practiced for 3 years, along with 4 years of
Salsa. Aside from Tango and Salsa she also did African dances like
Kizomba and Semba. In 2010, when she was 17, she set out to
explore her dance skills with something new and exciting. At this point,
she found out about Forró, falling in love instantly. Since then, she had
classes with Pablo Dias, becoming his partner in 2011 and giving
classes in dance festivals across the world.
In 2013, when she moved to London, Camila decided to pursue her own solo career as a forró
teacher and has been exploring different techniques and movements in her classes.
Camila develops an interesting side of lady styling and mixed classes,
where she encourages women and men to explore a different side of
"In my classes the goal is to create a different body, in which the student feels confident and comfortable to dance with anyone, specially with himself." - Camila Alves



Terra | Stuttgart

Terra was born in Minas Gerais and grew up in Sao Paulo. At the age of 15, he discovered the mid-90s strongly growing Forro scene in Sao Paulo, began to learn the dance and frequented the booming Casas de Forro of Sao Paulo. This new interpretation and development of Forro – the urbanization of the traditional Forro Pe-de-Serra – is what stamps Terra's dance style and also what he transmits to his pupils. Terra is co-founder and chief executive of the Brazilian cultural association Verein Brasilianischer Kulturen Stuttgart e.V. and of Europe's greatest Forro festival Forro de Domingo Festival. Since 2002, he lives in Germany and is regarded as one of the main characters in the dissemination of Forro in Europe.



Henni | Stuttgart

Henni, born and grown up in Germany, is already engaged in the Brazilian
culture for 12 years. In 2006 she started to dance Forro more intensively and in the same year she participated in the first Forro de Domingo in Stuttgart. Starting with a constant support to the Forro in Stuttgart, she is nowadays a fix part of the organization team and teaches Forro inter alia in the Danca Bonito Dance School. She accompanied all Forro de Domingo Festivals, working as editor, advertiser, teacher, and above all as organizer and contact person for the participants. With enthusiasm she devotes herself in the spread and support of the Brazilian couple dance in Europe.



Pablo Dias | Lisbon

Pablo, born in Minas Gerais, grew up closely connected to the world of music and dance. He began with ballroom dancing such as Salsa, Samba, Gafieira,
and at his 14’s discovered the Forro Universitario. He participated in Forro classes in Belo Horizonte and with 16 years started his career as a Forro teacher. At the age of 20, Pablo created his own Forro project in Portugal, where the dance was still unknown. He became a pioneer of Forro in Portugal, particularly in Lisbon as a co-founder of the Portuguese Forro Association (APF).
Today, Pablo is a renowned Forro teacher, participates in dance festivals in Portugal and other European countries, such as England, Poland and Germany. And in addition to that he works as a musician, composer and vocalist.




Juliana Braga | Amsterdam

Juliana was born in Belo Horizinte. At the age of ten, she started her education in modern dance, theatre, afro-brazilian and folklore dance at the first dance school for modern dance in the cita: Transforma In 1981, Juliana´s father took her to a gafieira: a place where people dance samba, bolero and other partning dances, and where Juliana discovered saloon dances as her passion. She took up intensive classes with the best saloon dancers of Belo Horizonte. In 2007, Juliana Braga established the Espaço Cultural. This cosy dance school is located in the heart of Amsterdam and Juliana uses it for much more than just dance classes. In Espaço Cultural, she organises children’s activities, cultural activities to support local artists, and of course parties to support Brazilian musicians.



Carlos André | London

My name is Carlos Andre, I have been dancing Forro for twelve years and teaching Forro for five years. When I moved to London, I began teaching beginners and advanced classes at Kiss club and taught private individual lessons. I also held classes at other Forro venues around London. For the past four years, I have been organising major Forro concerts, bringing some of the best known Forro bands from Brazil such as Trio Dona Zefa to play in London and other European countries. I am currently organising the first London Forro congress, with teachers from across Europe. Winner of the 2009 UK Forro competition and the Brazilian Grammy award for the best UK Forro teacher in 2011 London Forro Congress!



Fábio Reis | São Paulo

Dancer, teacher and choreographer, has as its main dance Forró, a rhythm that has been researching over the past 15 years. Since then, he has won twice the Brazilian Forró Championship, awards in national and international dance festivals, traveled to several countries in South America, Europe and Asia, has appeared in several TV shows, dance congresses throughout Brazil and is the artistic director of the biggest Forró Dance Congress in Brazil the "Encontro de Forró de Porto Alegre". His research in ballroom dancing, Brazilian folk and many forró styles led him to develop a multicultural forró dance, without prejudice, because in his opinion Forró is one of the richest dance in therms of types, styles, music and different way to express ourselves and teach.



Rudolfo & Veronika | Cologne

Rudolfo was born in Olinda, situated inthe northeastern Brazilian state of Pernambuco. His passion for Forró wasinflamed already in early childhood yearswhen he participated in the so called Quadrilhas at the traditional Forró parties Festas Juninas, which alwaystake place in the month of June. At theage of 14 his interest in Forró becamestronger and he learnt the original Forrostyles from Brazil's northeast. When hewas 19 years old, his ambition grew toalso learn Forró Universitário and hebegan to mix the styles and therebycreated his very own dance style. In 2010, Rudolfo moved to Cologne wherehe founded the group Forró de Colônia, together with his very talented dancepartner Veronika.



Marilia Cervi | São Paulo

Dancer, teacher and choreographer since 2008, its inception in dance, she has won the Brazilian Forró 
Championship, awards in many national and international festivals, taught classes in various Brazil Dance Congresses, and was present inseveral TV shows and traveled to several countries in South America and Europe.
Marilia through their studies in ballroom dancing, different forró styles and theater, focuses on developing the charm, waggle, sensuality and expression in dance, making her forró dance style very irreverente.



Enrique | Lisbon



Bruno Prado | Rio de Janeiro



Bruno Prado was born in Rio de janeiro and only late started his dancing evolution. In 2008, with 24 years old he began learning Samba de Gafieira, Bolero, Swing, Salsa, Zouk and Forró at Centro de Dança Alex Carvalho. Since 2009 he started studying Forró in and out of Brasil, and since then he’s been developing an happy and energetic style of his own. Today he’s one of the teachers at Centro de Dança Alex Carvalho, one of the best dancing school in Rio de Janeiro. Together with his dance partner Joyce Mendonça, they’ve been spreading Forró dance and music all around Rio de Janeiro, providing classes in Workshops and congresses. Besides teaching, he also competes, being actually the 3rd classified in Brasilian Forró championship. He’s in his first tour through Europe where he’s giving Forro, Samba and Zouk classes



Ricardo Ambrósio | Brussels

Coreographer and professional dancer, Ricardo Ambrozio was born in the south of Brasil and lived in Rio de Janeiro.

Ricardo met forró in 1999.Curious and charmed by it, he dedicated 5 years to pratice, research and taking classes of the diferent forró styles.

Dancer with technical trainning in hip-hop, capoeira, diferent rhytyms of ballroom dance, Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary, he used his larger and diferent approach of the body to analyze and build up his own style and didactic, bringing together different styles of forró.

Together with Ana Moreno, is has stared the project "Forró Calango".

He organises since 2015  the "Ai que Bom" festival in Brussels.

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14.07. Samstag 

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Forró na Fonte 




Forró-Party im Humbold Haus

RWTH Aachen

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Forró Tanznacht bei Sorriso 

Aachener Strasse 130, 50674 Köln

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Forró und Samba Party 


Krefelder Str. 18-20, 50670

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Forró Chama que vem

Forró Party in Düsseldorf

Rio Arriba

Alstadt, 40213 Düsseldorf
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