General Information - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1) Festival T-Shirts: 

Yes, there will be festival t-shirts! If you would like to have one, you should order
it directly by filling out the application form for the festival. Please, also
specify your size! Payment on location.


2) Advanced, intermediate or beginner?
There will be courses at several levels: A class for advanced learners, one for intermediate learners and one for beginners. If you are not sure which level is adequate for you, you can make a preliminary choice. After consulting the course instructor you can still switch to another level.


3) I don’t have a dancing partner!
If you don’t have a dancing partner for the dancing classes, please tell us in advance by e-mail! We will try to organise an adequate partner for you as fast as possible then.

During the course, each teacher will change the partners on the course. Thus, each participant has the chance to dance, although it has itself no dance partner.


4) course content and level

Please be honest with yourself by registering and do not overestimate yourself! Cause this can disturb your dance development and the other participants in the course as well.
The workshops will last 60 minutes. The dance instructors will not teach each participant special but the whole group together.

Beginner: basic steps; dois dois pra pra lá cá, 1 - 2 - 3  forward and backward steps, leading, being led, half and whole right and left turns, rhythm exercises, changing hands and open and close dancing posture

Level Intermediate 1: Step variations, figures combinations, turns left & right way, interesting figures, expression and rhythm exercises.

Level Intermediate 2: Complex steps combinations, expression, improvisation, style variations, hip rotation, simple jogadas de pernas, Tips & Rhythmic freedom

Advanced: Complex step variations and combinations of figures in context, expression, footwork, improvisation, double twists, case figures jogadas de pernas, combined hip and shoulder rotation, Tips & musicality.


5) Meals and drinks during the dance workshops:
For all participants will be  possible during the dance workshops to buy cold drinks, fresh sandwiches and sweets.

The consumption of food in the dance room is prohibited. The consumption of soft drinks is subject to the workshop participants. Glass bottles are in the dance room forbidden.


6) Accommodation: SOLD OUT CAPACITY. Unfortunately we can not offer more sleeping places in the gym. Thank you for understanding.
During the festival from 13th November - Friday, you will have the possibility to stay in a sport hall in Aachen. You should bring your sleeping bag and a camping mat. In the hall you will have the possibility to use the shower/WC.

One overnight-stay will cost 10,- € per person (for rent and incidentals).

The number of participants is limited (max. 30 people).

Registration is required! Please tell us by registration on the topic "observation"!


7) Overnight-stay 

You should also inform us, if you need a place to stay overnight. We will try to organize an accommodation for you at the house of another festival participant in Aachen. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that there will be an accommodation for everyone. We will tell you whether we can organize an accommodation for you by two weeks before the festival.

If you can offer an accommodation for other participants, please let us know how many persons you would like to accommodate. If you have any special conditions concerning the accommodation (e.g. if a woman wants to accommodate women only), please tell us by registration on the topic "observation"!

8) Any other questions?


 For further questions please contact:

Finde bei Spotify jetzt auch die Forró Aachen Playlist und viel Spaß beim Hören & Tanzen!

Playlist Name: 
Forró Aachen - Baião


Forró, Samba de Gafieira
& Zouk Tanzabend
(alle Angabe ohne Gewähr) 



19.05. Samstag 

Ab 18 Uhr

Forró na Fonte 



Más Latino Party
ab 20:00 Uhr Schnupperkurs
Apollo Kino Bar Aachen

jeweils am 2. und 4. Sonntag im Monat



Forró-Party im Humbold Haus

RWTH Aachen

Pontstr. 41, 52066 Aachen

Freitag - bei weiteren Infos bei Facebook oder Google



Forró Tanznacht bei Sorriso 

Aachener Strasse 130, 50674 Köln

Freitag - bei weiteren Infos bei Facebook oder Google



Forró und Samba Party 


Krefelder Str. 18-20, 50670

Samstag - bei weiteren Infos bei Facebook oder Google



Forró du Seu Dorf

Forró Party in Düsseldorf

Boteco Carioca Eisenstraße 102 Düsseldorf 40227
Donnerstag - 
bei weiteren Infos bei Facebook oder Google


Gibt es noch mehr Aktion in der Umgebung, die wir nichts davon wissen? Dann lass uns bitte erfahren.

Schicke uns bitte Deine Forró Tanz-Termine in NRW.
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