Show us your talent!

On October 27th, 2012, a unique festival event is coming to the Aachen Forro Dance & Culture Festival 2012 - the first Forro choreography competition in Europe.

Originality and diverse ideas count! It's Showtime!

1 The competition:

There are many dance competitions, but there are only a few sites worldwide that place choreographic talent as the focus.

Each competition requires power, discipline, ambition, but especially fun and passion. And that's even the point from the the first Forro choreography competition in Europe.

2 Show us your talent!

Have you learned a lot Forró dancing and looking for a challenge? Are you ambitious and team skills and want to reach the first place? Did you became interested in this competition or curious? Then show us your dancing talent!

Evaluation criteria are solely an imaginative use of space and time. The dance is an idea that is transferred it to the artist.

3 Prizes (awarded to each group member):

First place: Reimbursement of the festival registration fee
Second place: 50% discount at the Forro Congress in London
Third place: Delicious Aachener specialties

4 Terms and Conditions:

The participants must be registered with the Forro Aachen Festival 2012!

Only for Students! Participants may NOT be a professional dancer, Forro dance teacher or other dance teacher.

Only one Forro choreography video can be submitted per group.

Registration for the choreography competition must be done online on the attached form. Registration will be open until October 16th, 2012.

Theme and music selection are free for the group. Details for both should be given on the entry form. The choreographic work must be submitted as a video (YouTube link) by 16.10.2012.

The video must contain only the specific choreography for the competition. The duration should be between 5 to 8 minutes (no longer!).
Due to time restrictions, a maximum of 5 groups (6 - 8 people per group) may participate in the competition.

Admission to the competition is decided on by a pre-jury evaluation of the videos. Admission to the competition is subject to the organizer’s consent.

The organizer reserves the right to admission to the competition. The participants will be informed 2 days following video submission if the group is accepted or rejected!

5 For the competitors:

Competitors will be informed of further details approximately 5 days before the competition.
The competition will be held on Saturday evening at the party. Groups will dance for the expert jury panel as well as the audience.
On Saturday each group will have a maximum of 20 minutes to practice or warm up.

6 Location:

Location and date:
Date: Saturday evening, October 27th, 2012.
Location: Chico Mendes, Pontstrasse 74-76 52062 Aachen

7 More questions:

For more questions, please contact:

Organizer & dance teacher: Junio Reis de Souza
Forro Aachen Dance Club & Culture



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